Smoking games do not seem to be as popular as drinking games, probably because weed is much more precious. However on those special occasions such as friend’s birthdays or 420, smoking games can be fun to play, especially if people bring their own stash – you don’t have to worry about people not getting a fair share or wasting your weed.


The aim of this game is simple. Everyone sits in a circle and somebody starts the joint (joints/blunts work best for this game.) The player inhales the smoke and then passes the joint without exhaling.

You need to hold your hit until the joint comes back round to you. If you cough, or let smoke out when you are not holding the joint, blunt or even bong, you lose and you forfeit your next toke.


This game works best with more than 3 players.

Everyone will need to be sat in a circle, the first person names a famous celebrity or band and takes a toke from whatever you’re chosen smoking device is. This person then holds in the hit and passes to the left.

The next person needs to then state a new celebrity name whose name starts with the same letter as the previous celebrity’s last name. So for example, if somebody says Johnny Depp, the second person could say Dave Chappelle.

If you are doing this with bands, you must do it with the last letter of the band’s name, otherwise it doesn’t work as well as with celebrities names.

Two Toke Killer

This is a two toke version of Chicago, if you exhale before the joint or blunt reaches you again, you lose.


This is a basic game of Blackjack, except the winner of each round gets to take a hit from the smoking device of your choice. Highly recommend a bong for this. This is played until everyone is comfortably high.

There is another variation where losers have to take a hit from the bong and the game is only over until someone vomits. Brutal.

Clam Bake Challenge

This one is fun, gets you extremely baked and has more of a competitive edge to it. It is a lot more complicated that the three games before, but it is extremely fun.

What you will need:

  • A small room, a bathroom will do – even a car would be okay.
  • Several friends
  • Blunts – lots of them.
  • A Lighter.

The aim of the game here is to get everyone as high as possible, without people leaving. The person who leaves first loses and the person that is the last in the room or car is the Clam Bake Master.

How to play:

Everyone rolls a blunt for themselves and smokes it in the small room. No windows are to be opened. The room will quickly fill up with smoke so you will basically be getting higher and higher.


  • Nobody is to leave the room for any reason. If you leave you are disqualified.
  • If you run out of weed after one or more hours, the remaining clam bake contestants can choose to either leave or retry the Clam Bake Challenge at a later date. If you run out of weed before an hour is over, you’re doing it wrong.
  • One joint or blunt must be in rotation at all times. If you do not hit it when it is your turn, you are disqualified.
  • You must stay awake, no passing out. If you pass out you’re disqualified.
  • Nobody is to be re-entered after disqualification.
  • Lying and cheating others out of the room is completely fine and is encouraged.

There you have it! 5 of our favourite games. The Clam Bake Challenge is a tough one, but it can be extremely fun. The other games that have been mentioned are also fun for more social nights. Have fun!