• Made from quality borosilicate glass
  • Stylish design
  • Perfect for concentrates and oils
  • Box diffuser offers great percolation


  • Only a limited production

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The Basics

This bubbler by Grace Glass is perfect for those who enjoy smoking oils and concentrates. It’s stylish and looks great. It features a flared mouthpiece with a black rim with a black limited edition Grace Glass logo on front of the body, which is also in black. There is also other black detailing around this bubbler, mainly on the bowl and the rim of the foot.

Grace Glass - Limited Edition Vapor Bubbler with Box Diffuser

Grace Glass have gone ahead and used a 4mm glass thickness and utilized high quality borosilicate glass. This glass type is used because of its transparency and its heat resistance – it makes it perfect for bongs and bubblers. This piece stands at 8.7 inches tall.

The bubbler comes with a male 14.5mm joint, a glass concentrate nail and a female 14.5mm vapour dome. This features black handles and sides to keep in line with the overall design. These handles make it overall a lot easier to remove the dome and also acts as a rollstopper to stop any unfortunate accidents.

The black box diffuser offers exceptional filtering. The results of this diffusion is a smoke that is easy on your throat and lungs, whilst not losing or being tainted in flavor.

The Experience

This might be one of our new favourite pieces for smoking oils and concentrates. It offers an exceptional experience.

Not only is it beautiful to look at, it’s also great to use. The base is extremely sturdy and the joint work is fantastic.

The smoke itself is smooth, cool and offers one of the more flavourful smokes we’ve experienced.

It is hard to put into words just how good the experience was with this piece. So we’re just going to have to say this: Pick this up, try it for yourselves and you’ll see.


The Grace Glass Bubbler with Box Diffuser offers a great smoking experience. Smooth hits that feel good on the throat and lungs and one that isn’t tainted in flavour. Pure flavours of the oils and concentrates make for a great experience. Overall this is a very well made bubbler and it is a shame that it is a limited edition. This should be something that everyone gets to experience.

Overall Score: 5/5

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Grace Glass - Limited Edition Vapor Bubbler with Box Diffuser
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