Black Leaf - 4 Hose Communal Party Bong

  • Huge chamber for big volume
  • Huge bowl for big amounts of herb
  • Stoppers for unused outlets
  • Flexible hoses


  • Glass is a little thinner than normal bongs

The Basics

This bong is the glass version of an Acrylic Bong that we featured in our “5 Top Acrylic Bongs” post a while ago.

It kind of looks like a glass hookah pipe, and features 4 outlets with flexible hoses so 4 people can smoke from this piece at a time. Don’t have 4 people to smoke at the same time? Don’t worry – it comes with rubber stoppers so you can plug the other outlets.

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It features a large 18.8mm glass bowl which holds a lot of herb. It isn’t too big, standing 33cm tall, or 13 inches. It is nice and wide and features a large volume chamber.

The Experience

This thing is cool. It’s great if you have a small gathering or if you just wish to chill out on your own. There is no need to relight, once you start the initial pull, the chamber fills nicely. Once it’s full you can lay on your bed, have this thing next to you and just chill out.

It’s great for parties for the same reason, you can have up to 4 people smoking at the same time, and the chamber fills enough so there is plenty to go round.

If you have smoked through a hookah before, the experience is very similar – this one is just purely designed for weed and to be used by multiple people.

If you don’t have enough people or you want to smoke alone, the rubber stoppers make this easy and they close any unused outlets.

Hose outlet

There is minimal drag on this thing and the smoke exits evenly out of each hose, so some people won’t get more than others.


This is great for anyone – but it’s especially great if you have a small group of friends that you smoke with often. If everyone pitches in, you can have many great nights with this. Black Leaf have created a great party piece.

Highly recommended. It’s fun, easy to use and is great for lazy days or parties.

Overall Score: 5/5

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Black Leaf 4 Hose Communal Party Bong
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