ProsBlack Leaf - Multi-Level HoneyComb Perc Stemless Glass Tube

  • 3 Stacked Honeycomb Percolators
  • Made from thick, quality borosilicate glass
  • Ice notches
  • Small roll stop handle on the bowl is handy


  • Bowl is smaller than expected


The Basics:

Black Leaf have pulled out all of the stops with this bong. The Black Leaf Multi Level Honeycomb Percolator bong is made from high quality borosilicate glass. The glass around the percolator chamber is 5mm thick and around the tube, a huge 7mm thick. This thing is built to last.

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It stands at 41cm tall, or 16.1 inches. It has a diameter of 50mm, or 2 inches and the joint size comes in at 18.8mm.

The bong also features some ice notches, which is a nice addition and adds extra coolness and smoothness when ice is added.

The percolators featured in this bong are 3 stacked honeycomb percolators with over 40 holes in each percolator. This allows for massive diffusion.

Multi-Level HoneyComb Percolator

On the side of the tube there is a fun, full color HoneyComb decal.

The Experience:

First of all, this bong looks chunky, and it kind of is. It isn’t as big as expected and we have tried bongs much bigger than this thing, but that doesn’t matter.

The bowl is a lot smaller than expected – you could always replace this though and get one with a glass pinch, heck go even further and get a small ash catcher too.

Another thing to mention is that loading this thing up with ice is something that you need to plan properly. You will need to break ice up to get it into the tube properly, from a conventional fridge ice maker, we could only fit 5 cubes in here at a push. This didn’t really cool the smoke enough for our liking – so next round we broke up some ice and it was much better.

Stemless Glass Tube

On to the actual rips from this thing – one word: Awesome. The multilevel honeycomb percolator provides some of the smoothest and fullest hits we have ever had the pleasure of toking. The stemless design forces the percolation as the smoke passes through the three honeycomb percolators.

The mouthpiece is also extremely comfortable and smooth and the glass handle makes those rushes super easy.


There are some small adjustments that we would make, but it is nothing major. Honestly, these things are minor, but we would definitely get another bowl – it isn’t the best one we’ve seen from Black Leaf.

Overall this is a bong for people that enjoy smoking and want a piece that is going to give them a smoking experience like no other. This is a higher end piece and you can certainly tell. The level of percolation on this thing is straight up insane and it will provide you with some of the smoothest tokes of your life.

Because of that, the Pros outweigh the Cons by a landslide.

Overall Score: 5/5

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