Blaze Glass - Removable Tree Perc Bubble Tube Bong


  • Made from high quality glass. It’s thick and sturdy
  • Removable Percolator
  • Carb hole with rubber stopper
  • Green and gold finish makes this a thing of beauty


  • When you first get this, it doesn’t come with anything to actually get the percolator into the bong
  • No ice notches

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The Basics:

This bong manufactured by Blaze Glass is made from high quality borosilicate glass. The glass is 5mm thick.

The bong comes in at a height of 5cm, or 19.7inches and has a diameter of 50mm. The joint size is 18.8mm > 14.5mm.

The finish is what makes this bong, it comes in a faded green finish and the spiral percolator is finished in a gold colour. The Blaze Glass logo has been flame polished onto the bong itself.

Removable Percolator

The bowl is also quite big and fits a lot of herb.

The Experience:

Firstly, let me start by saying this bong looks great. The finish is immaculate and it feels well-made and heavy duty. It does not feel like this thing is going to break any time soon.

One thing that is a little annoying about this bong however, is when it arrived it did not come with a tool to put the percolator into the bong, this would have made life much easier. The removable percolator is a great addition though so you cannot really complain too much about this!

Looking closer at the bong, the downstem is a slitted diffuser and the bowl is huge. The bowl is made from clear glass and looks great.

Downstem Slitted Diffuser

The design of the bong is quite strange, but it complements the other features nicely. The bubble in the middle of the bong looks great, and looks even better when filled with that delicious milky smoke.

The glass just feels smooth, the mouthpiece is near perfect. Ripping from this thing is also definitely not a chore. Hits are extremely smooth and it hits like a train. You can get some nice, big hits from this.


Overall, this bong is a winner. Its strong, it will last you a long time and it does the job and does it well.

The only cons with this is that there aren’t any ice notches to further cool the smoke and that it doesn’t come with a tool to help place the percolator into the bong. Apart from that this piece is an excellent choice and for the price, you cannot go wrong.

This is a great all-rounder and I would recommend this bong to anyone looking at getting a percolator bong that not only performs, but looks great.

Overall Rating 4/5

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