The Crafty Vaporizer is made by the same company that created the desktop vaporizer, Volcano. They have also created the Plenty and the Mighty vaporizers.

As expected with Storz & Bickel vaporizers, the Crafty is made with the same great German engineering, quality and high attention to detail you would expect from them.

The Crafty is a portable vaporizer that is small enough to fit into your pocket. Whilst the Crafty is slightly thicker and wider than many other vapes, this vaporizer truly is portable.

Crafty Vaporizer Overview

Crafty Vaporizer Parts

The Crafty is very well made. The outer shell is made from a rigid plastic material. It has a ridged look to it, which, if you’re into computers kind of looks like a heat-sink.

This vaporizer comfortably fits into one hand and it doesn’t feel heavy. The shape overall is very ergonomic and the ridged design of the plastic shell provides you with excellent grip, compared to other vaporizers that are finished with a smooth coating.

The dimensions for this vaporizer are the following: 4.3″H x 2.2″L x 1.3″W

The mouthpiece is external at all times and swivels round when you want to use it. Due to the mouthpiece being external, it is exposed to the elements, so you may want to give it a quick clean before you use it. This isn’t ideal, but giving your product a quick clean before you use it isn’t a bad habit to get into.

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Battery and Charging

The battery inside the Crafty is an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It isn’t removable or replaceable, which could be seen as a positive or a negative, depending on how you view it.

The battery takes around 2 hours to charge fully, which isn’t bad. You can use the vape whilst it is charging but, you will need to wait until it is over ~20% charge before using it, otherwise the vape will simply not turn on because it isn’t charged enough.

The charger uses a micro USB to charge the vape, so you can charge this by any other means that uses a micro USB. This adds to the portability as you could charge it in your car, for example. Micro USB cables are incredibly cheap, so you shouldn’t have an issue replacing them if yours goes missing or breaks.

There are a few issues in this area though that you need to be aware of when purchasing the Crafty. The battery life doesn’t last long – it lasts around 30 – 45 minutes of use before you need to recharge, which is quite low.

The Crafty vaporizer also has an automatic shut off feature that shuts off after 1 minute of non-use. However, to circumvent this, you can press the power button on the front to reset the timer back to 1 minute.

Performance and Cleaning

To start off using this vaporizer, all you do is swivel the top part of the vape to expose the herb chamber. Once you have loaded it up, just pop the top back on and swivel back into place. Simple and effective feature that is pretty cool and easy to use.

The herb chamber can hold around 0.3g of herb at any one time, depending on how fine you grind it. You don’t need to grind extremely fine to get good results from this vaporizer, either. The Crafty also comes with a filling aid, which helps you put the herb in the chamber without spilling any – useful if you hate spilling your herb (let’s face it, who likes doing this?)

Crafty Top View

Once you have the vaporizer packed, turn on by holding down the power button. I will vibrate and light up. The lights will be red when the unit is heating up and will change to green when they have reached your optimum vaping temperature.

The unit takes around 90 seconds to heat up and there are two settings that you can use out of the box. The first setting is a lower temperature coming in at 356F and then there is a boost mode, which you can engage by pressing the power button twice whilst it is turned on. This will heat your herb to the higher temperature of 383F.

The Crafty also comes with a smartphone app that you can use to set heating profiles and tinker with the settings of your Crafty vaporizer. The app connects via Bluetooth and can be used to control other things about the vaporizer such as the brightness of the LEDs. It will also show you the temperature of the vaporizer in real time, which is an awesome feature.

The Crafty is very easy to clean too. It comes with a cleaning brush, so after every session it would be a wise idea to screw open the top, and use the brush to remove the herb and any herb particles that are left behind.

If you want to do more of a deep clean, the top piece actually comes apart into all of its individual pieces, so you can really get in there with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol or some hot, soapy water.

Final Thoughts

This vape is great. For a portable, it is sturdy and performs extremely well. The quality of the unit is excellent and it produces great vapour. The Crafty vaporizer also comes with a 2 year warranty!

There are a few downsides to the Crafty however. The low battery life being one of them. If the battery life was increased on these units, then they would easily get a higher rating from me. The shut off time can also be a little annoying, 1 minute seems to be a little short and having to keep pressing the power button can also get a little annoying.

I wouldn’t let that put you off, however. It is a mild inconvenience on what is an excellent product that should be a part of any serious smokers arsenal.

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