• All in one box
  • Sturdy Aluminum Storage Case
  • Comes with grinder, screens and a lighter


  • For the price, there really aren’t any!

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The Basics

The Dude Glass Mini Bong Set comes with everything you need to get started. If you’re a beginner it comes with everything you need, or you could use this to take away with you on a weekend away or to a party.

It comes with a Mini Glass Bong which features a 14.5mm chillum downstem with bowl attached. The bong also featured a carb hole as well as the Dude logo etched on the side of the bong.


The case is made from Aluminum and comes in black and silver. The case has metal clasps to keep the contents secure and features a metal handle to make it easier to carry. Inside the case is padded and has plastic case moulding to fit the pieces for extra protection.

Inside the case, you’ll notice this also comes with a Grinder, a pack of 5 Screens and a Lighter.

The Experience

The first thing you notice, is obviously the case. It looks like one of those classic flight cases that roadies use to keep the bands equipment safe on the road. It’s a metal case, made from Aluminum and it is light and easy to carry around whilst keeping your piece and its accessories safe.


When you open the case up, by flipping the metal latch on the front of the case, you notice the neatly packed bong and its accessories. The lid is nice and padded with foam and the plastic moulded casing keeps each piece in its own specific place and stays secure during transit.

The grinder is just a standard acrylic grinder and the lighter is well….a lighter. It also comes with 5 screens to get you started, but this is nowhere near enough for anyone who plans on smoking a lot at a party or as part of a weekend getaway, so you’ll need to stock up on these too.


Don’t be fooled by the cheap price, this bong is perfect as a travel bong. The glass isn’t thin and fragile, like you would probably expect for a cheaper bong. You can definitely get some good rips from this little thing and it is great for its purpose. This isn’t something I’d use all the time personally, but it is something I’d use if I didn’t want to take my main piece to a party or on vacation.


Overall, for the price this is a steal – it’s a complete kit of everything you need to get you started minus the bud. The case is a great touch and keeps everything nice, safe and organized. The case makes it look like a hard case for literally anything else it you’d never suspect it was a complete smoking kit inside!

You can’t fault this kit on price, it offers excellent value for money.

Overall Score: 5/5

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