Flaming Skull - Double 10-arm Perc Beaker Base 9mm

  • Extra thick glass
  • Two stacks slitted and reinforced 10 arm tree percolators
  • Double Splash guard
  • Ice notches
  • Carb hole with rubber stopper


  • No major flaws!


The Basics

Flaming Skull have made this Double 10 Arm Percolator bong at a huge 9mm thickness. The glass is ultra-thick, high grade borosilicate glass. The bong stands tall at 57cm or 22.4 inches and has a diameter of 50mm or 2 inches.

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The bong also features ice notches, which is a great addition as this adds even further smoothness to your smoke.

The two 10 arm tree percolators are stacked on top of each other and just look cool. These are colored blue, as is the bowl and the Flaming Skull decal on the tube.

Double 10-arm Perc

The bowl features roll stoppers and is a moderate size, it is good enough to pack in a decent amount of your favourite herb.

The Experience

This bong is big. Not only is it tall, its thick and built link a tank. The thickness of the glass is something we haven’t seen in a while. The standard thickness for most glass bongs is 5mm.

The downstem features several slits which diffuses very well, then the smoke passes through each 10 arm tree percolator. These filter the smoke extremely well and provide you with smooth, cool hits.


When smoking this thing, it milks incredibly well – when I say it milks, this thing milks. There is minimal drag, this isn’t a bad thing, and in fact you’d expect more from two 10 arm tree percolators.

When you first start using this thing, you can see the smoke swirling in the bottom of the bong, it’s almost yellow because it milks so well. When you take the hit and the smoke is passing through the percolators and you start to inhale, you feel pretty much nothing. The smoke is smooth.


This is certainly a bong for someone who is more experienced and likes the filtration. I would even go as far to say if you like a little bit of drag, this is for you. Sometimes it will take 2 hits to clear – but those 2 hits are enough.

Surprisingly, there are no major flaws with this bong – Flaming Skull have made a great piece that hits well and has minimised the amount of drag. Not only that, it looks cool with those stacked tree percolators.

Overall Score: 5/5

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Flaming Skull Double 10-arm Tree Percolator
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