ProsIcebong with HoneyComb & 2x 10-Arm Tree Percolator with built-in downstem

  • Made from high quality borosilicate glass
  • Glass Honeycomb percolator
  • 2 10 arm tree percolators
  • Ice notches


  • Bowl feels and looks a little thin


The Basics

This Ice bong stands tall at 60cm or 23.6 inches. It is made from high quality borosilicate glass which comes in at 5mm thick. The bong has a diameter of 50mm, or 2 inches.

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The tube is beaded around the mouthpiece which adds a cool look to the bong, this also aids grip. The bong is clear – there is no coloring, which makes this bong look good, it doesn’t really need any flashy colors as it speaks for itself!

The Ice bong features a honeycomb percolator which diffuses the smoke, as well as 2 10 arm tree percolators to aid the filtering of the smoke. Above all of this are ice notches which, when ice is added will cool the smoke and add an extra smoothness.

Icebong Ice Notches

The downstem is built in and comes with a moderately sized bowl. The bowl also features roll stoppers, which are handy. The bowl itself is a little thin, but the downstem will fit any 18.8mm sized bowl.

The Experience

When you first get this bong, you will notice that it is big. The glass seems to be thicker than 5mm, but this thing is just tall. It’s not surprising, due to the two percolators and the honeycomb disc, this thing has to be.

Honeycomb Percolator

The glass beading on the tube looks and feels nice, it aids grip nicely. The stemless design is also cool, it makes for easier cleaning after use. The bowl is okay, it’s not as good as we’d have hoped – the glass should be thicker and the bowl should be bigger, but that’s okay. You can pick up a new bowl fairly cheap.

Apart from the bowl, the bong is very well made and feels nice and sturdy.

We loaded the bong up with a few ice cubes and took her for a spin. The honeycomb perc works great and the two tree percolators provide less drag than you’d expect from a bong that provides so much percolation. It was a nice, smooth hit. Drag is minimal.

2X10 Arm Tree Percolator

Watching this thing fill up is also great – because it’s completely clear there is no coloring that clouds (no pun intended, honestly) your vision. I love seeing pieces milk, and that is something that this bong does well.


This bong certainly isn’t for beginners, I would say if you’ve been smoking for a while and you’re looking for an interesting piece, you should certainly consider this bong. It’s simple, provides you with exceptional percolation and filtering.

The bong itself is big, but it’s a nice size. This piece is well made and provides you with some nice, clean hits that are nice and smooth. For the price too, it’s a steal.

This rig also works great with oil.

Overall Score: 4/5

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Icebong with HoneyComb & 2x 10-Arm Tree Percolator  
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