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ROOR bongs are known for quality. Made in Germany by expert glass blower Martin Birzle, ROOR bongs will give you the cleanest and smoothest bong rips.

The Ice Master series have a truly iconic design. They are straight cylinder water bongs that feature ice notches near the base of the cylinder.

Ice notches are something that ROOR manufactured into their bong designs over 10 years ago. This helps create those crisp, cool hits we all know and love today and has since been utilized by many glass bong manufacturers.

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The IceMaster series are usually around 45cm in height, but can be as high as 55cm. Joint sizes vary from 14.5mm to 18.8mm – these can be interchangeable, depending on what you prefer.

Each ROOR IceMaster is made from the highest quality borosilicate glass and are guaranteed to be a rock solid water pipe. ROOR Bongs are made with bi-stable joints, which means the joints are twice as thick for extra durability.

Due to the IceMaster series being a premium range, expert glass blower Martin Birzle oversees that his artists in his studio in Frankenthal make each bong with as much care as he would. Each piece is signed by the artist that is involved with making this piece of art, so you know you are getting a quality handmade bong.

What I like About the IceMaster Series

They’re Durable

ROOR IceMaster Stem Closeup

Honestly, with Glass Bongs it can be hit and miss, you could drop it and it could smash or stems could just break off because it isn’t as durable or has been cheaply manufactured. With ROOR, you know you are getting a quality product. You could knock it, and maybe on the off chance drop it from a small height and it should be okay. That isn’t an invitation to go around dropping ROOR products from a height, however.

Cheaply made glass bongs will break incredibly easily. You can really tell this is a quality product just from the durability of the stem and base glass.

These bongs are also incredibly light.

They Smoke Like a Champ

The smoke quality is fantastic, which is only enhanced by adding ice cubes. The milky cloud looks great and clears extremely quickly when taking a rip. It has a nice chamber which fills surprisingly quickly.

You can see a great video of an IceMaster in action that was posted by Miller Luke on YouTube:

The ROOR IceMaster Looks and Feels Good

It may be simple and not look like much, but it screams superiority. It has a timelessly classy look and feels like quality glass. When using the bong, it feels extremely durable and sturdy. You can really tell the difference that the extra glass that has been added to aid stability. The mouthpiece is rolled glass, which makes it even easier to toke.

Ease of Maintenance

The lack of percolators may be a negative for some, but for me it was actually a perk (no pun intended.) It makes for easy cleaning. All you have to do is simply drop the diffuser and the bowl into cleaning solution and then fill bong (with the joint plugged up) with cleaning solution and let it soak for a while.

I would also do this near a sink, there is nothing worse than handling slippery glass and when you have an expensive product such as a ROOR bong, those nerves can certainly kick in!

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The bottom line is that these bongs are great quality, they smoke well and are well worth the price if you are looking for a premium bong that will do you well for years to come. The ease of use and lack of maintenance is also a huge plus and of course the stability and durability of these bongs is second to none. If you want a luxury, classy bong then the ROOR IceMaster should certainly be on your radar.

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