A good grinder can last you years and be your best friend when it comes to utensils. Personally, I’ve had a metal grinder that I’ve had going on for 4 years and it’s had pretty much daily use. It hasn’t worn down and hasn’t become clogged, but then again I take very good care of it because it is the best grinder I’ve ever had.

You’ll notice when choosing a grinder, much like bongs there is a lot of choice. Almost too much choice. Do you go for an Acrylic Grinder, a Metal Grinder heck, what about a Wooden Grinder?

There tends to be a lot of confusion about what are the best types of grinders to use and it does come down to a few factors.

Build & Material Quality

The first factor is down to Quality. This covers build quality and material quality.

Arguably the best quality herb grinders on the market today are made from aluminium. Why you ask? Because aluminium is a great, sturdy and an affordable material.

We’ll take Stainless Steel and Titanium coatings too as we don’t want our Grinder to rust, which has the potential to happen with other metal types such as Iron. These are also great materials for Grinders, but Titanium coatings can start to become expensive, depending on the type of Grinder you decide to purchase.


I would also choose a metal grinder over any other type of grinder because they generally tend to last a lot longer. I would expect a good grade metal grinder to last at least 10 years with a decent level of care.

Let’s take Acrylic, for example. Friends that I smoke with have gone through around 10 – 20 acrylic grinders and I still have my singular metal grinder that I’ve had over the years. Acrylic grinders, whilst there is nothing wrong with them, tend to be a short term solution. They wear down quickly, start to stick and squeak and more often than not, the teeth break quickly.

I always see wooden grinders as more as show pieces. They look great and often have intricate designs, however in use, they tend to bind quite quickly and teeth break easily as they’re only small metal pins implanted into the wood itself.

Design, Teeth and Pieces

Grinders come in a variety of designs. Typically, metal grinders are quite slick and don’t have any intricacies to them whereas Wooden grinders do. Acrylic tend to be the middle man here and some can have some pretty cool designs.

This section, however is where metal grinders shine again.

Metal grinders offer a lot of options and versatility. With a metal grinder you can often get them in either two or four pieces. This means that you can either get a standard grinder with two pieces, where you place the herb in the grinder, twist and then remove the herb, or you can get a grinder with four pieces and this is a little more intricate. You place the herb in the top portion of the ginder, twist, and the herb falls through holes and lands in the compartment below. The herb lands on steel mesh, and this then helps to separate the Kief from the herb falling onto the mesh.

Herb Grinder TeethThis is a great feature because Kief can be stored in the bottom compartment and be saved for a rainy day. With Kief you can also make Hash if you have enough of it. Yes, your weed now has two uses.

The teeth of metallic grinders are also fused to the pieces, which means that you have no chance of them coming loose or breaking easily. Acrylic are fused to the pieces too, but Acrylic just isn’t as tough as Metal. That is a no brainer.

One thing that we will say here is though – we love metal grinders and if you’re going to purchase one, look for one with an outside that has a little grip to it. For those of you who have arthritis or suffer from a medical condition that make it harder to grip, these types of grinders make it a lot easier to do so.


Grinders come in a wide variety of sizes. Some are big, and I am talking big here. Two hands big. And some come in small. This is usually down to personal preference but you generally cannot go wrong with a grinder that is 2 – 4 inches in diameter. These are small enough for personal use but also large enough to start grinding larger amounts of herb.

Our Top Picks for Metal Grinders

We have picked out two of the best metal grinders on the market. We’ve got a two tier and a four tier grinder. Both are from brand names that are known for quality. They also come with manufacturers guarantees, so if you have any issues with the grinder you can easily contact them to get a replacement.

First up we have the two tier metal grinder, the Santa Cruz Shredder.

Santa Cruz Shredder - Metal Grinder

This grinder is a solid choice for an entry level grinder. It’s solid, built to last and was made in the USA. It is made from Medical grade Aluminium and has been cleansed ultrasonically. It has a textured grip, to make it easy to grind your herb and has a magnetic lid to ensure that the two pieces stick together effectively when grinding.

This thing lives up to its name and the design of the teeth do indeed shred. It offers a very consistent grind with every single use.

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Next up we have our four tier grinder.

This time, this one is made by Black Leaf. Famous for their Bongs, Black Leaf make quality products.

Black Leaf Metal Grinder

This grinder comes with a ripple effect which adds to the overall grip of the grinder. As with all four tier grinders, you have the pollen screen and Kief scraper included to help you clean out the bottom of your grinder once the Keif compartment has become slightly full.

The grinder itself has sharp diamond shaped teeth which make quick work of most buds. As with the last grinder, the lid of this grinder is also magnetized for a secure fit. This grinder also comes with a Nylon ring which ensures that the grinding process is smooth and wear-free.

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And there we have it. The bottom line here is that Metal Grinders are certainly the way to go. They last a long time and are great at doing their job properly. Runner up, but a long way behind is Acrylic, but we don’t recommend purchasing an Acrylic grinder because they simply do not last as long.