This post is going to be the shorter of our “Top … Bongs” series, mainly because whilst Acrylic bongs are cheap and are a valid selection for many, there isn’t that much choice or difference between them. The designs are similar and they are cheap to buy. This makes them the perfect choice for beginners, or someone who doesn’t particularly want an expensive piece.

Many of the bongs listed will be more party bongs and bongs that can take a bit of a beating. This does mean that you can drop these bongs, heck even throw them around and they should be fine. With a Glass bong, you wouldn’t be able to do that at all!

To keep the theme similar to our previous installations, we are going to list the Acrylic bongs in no particular order. We are going to link out to the bongs within this page so you can check them out and read other user reviews so hopefully you can get a better picture about each product and see which one is the best fit for you.

Let’s get down to it.

Acrylic 4-Hoser Sphere

Acrylic 4-Hoser Sphere Small

This is a great party piece for a group of friends. It features 4 hoses, which means 4 people can smoke at the same time.

When the product first arrives, it may feel a little flimsy and thin (this is due to the material that the bong is made from, don’t fret this is fine.) and there may be a little bit of trouble constructing the bong itself, but trust me – when you smoke from this thing you won’t care.

This bong is a good piece for those small gatherings. If everyone puts in, everyone wins. The bowl is big for a reason!

Because of the small sphere shape, this thing is simple to clean.

Recommended if you smoke socially with friends and you all want to pitch in a get high together.

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Acrylic Waterpipe – American little train

Acrylic waterpipe - American little train

Do you want a conversation piece? You do? Well this is it!

This colored acrylic bong comes in the design of a train. Did I also mention that it hits like one?

This may be small but it packs a hit. The bowl is a nice size and the main thing is, this piece is cheap and effective. This piece is pure novelty.

The design makes this thing look cool and it is a lot of fun to smoke from. It is simple to clean, you just need a few Q Tips and some cleaner and you’re set.

All aboard Thomas the Dank Engine!

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Acrylic Water Pipe Colored Extra Large

Acrylic Water Pipe Colored Extra Large

If you want something that is big, this may be the bong for you. Standing at a huge 38 inches tall, this thing packs a punch. Let this fill and take a rip and you’ll be taken places. Try and clear this thing in one hit and I guarantee that you will be on another planet.

It comes with two hoses so you and a friend can fly together.

Assembly is simple, just attach the hoses and you’re set. It comes with a carb, but you can duct tape this if you prefer no carb hole.

This thing is tall, it’s huge in fact. This does mean there are some challenges in cleaning, but it really isn’t that difficult.

Great overall bong for a party or a small gathering.

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Clear Acryl Bong

Acryl Bong Clear

Cheap and simple, this bong is the cheapest listed here. If you’re tired of smoking joints/blunts and are looking to move over into other smoking devices then this might be a good start.

The bong itself is a small, simple cylindrical design. It comes with a carb hole and a rubber stopper.

It hits nice a smooth and it is perfect for a first time bong. This thing is small and compact and can easily be transported.

It is super easy to clean, easier than any bong we’ve reviewed due to its simple design and compact features.

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Fluorescent Acrylic Water Pipe

Acrylic Water Pipe Fluorescent

Another simple design, this bubble base bong has a nice grip on the shaft which aids overall grip when holding the bong and smoking.

The bong does come with the mouthpiece and the base not attached and these can be a bit of a pain to secure to the bong itself, but some super glue will do the trick.

This piece is small, has a reasonable sized bowl and smokes well. The design is simple, so again it makes this an easy one to clean.

This is an upgrade to the bong that was previously listed, however this acrylic bong is still extremely cheap. It’s a steal.

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So there you have it, our top 5 Acrylic Bongs.

We said it would be short! Truth is, Acrylic bongs are great for starters and parties, however there isn’t a huge amount of variety.

If you feel like we have overlooked some products or we can add to this page, get in contact! We love the feedback we get and are happy to answer any questions our readers have.